A fully featured Task and Asset Management with Integrated Project Management

Task Manager

Core module of the overall system. A task manager with all of the functionalities like grouping, incidents and dashboard... etc. Works fully integrated with the project manager and asset manager.

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Project Manager

A Project manager works on top of the task and asset manager.  Allows to chain the assets and calculate completion percentages as well as managing and reporting the resources. With task and asset management modules, budget management is easier than ever.

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Asset Manager

An Asset Management Module to hold the IT Datacenter assets (Hardware, Software, Network Appliances, Storage Boxes... etc.) Allows entegration with the task management to trace the changes and incidents on the predefined assets. 

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Vast majority of the companies struggles to maintain their projects and task assignments which is also one of the most frequently used software/system within the companies from the smallest to the largest. Following that, yet another problem usually arises which is managing the company assets. Especially, IT Departments need a solution for Managing Assests including Server, Firewall, Switch and Storage as well as Softwares like Databases, Application Servers and Web Servers ...etc. 

Zeus IT Manager presents a powerful solution which consists of three main lines, can be used individually or integrated. There is a core module which is the Demeter Task Manager, a powerful task/incident manager includes a built in user and group manager. Hera Project Management works above the core module and helps to manage projects within the company with a builtin completion percentage and resource managment. Another module is the Hephaistos Asset Manager with a powerful asset card and also able to manage changes/tasks on the assets with the integrated Task Manager.

Project developed in APEX which is the Browser based development tool from Oracle. The database structure is also uses Oracle Database version 11gR2. Just a working instance of the Oracle Database and APEX is enough to install the folowing projects. The detailed documentation about the Oracle and APEX can be found on Oracle web site (docs.oracle.com) which are also under Oracle's trademark.